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Café Littéraire


Literaturcafé - Biel/Bienne

As-samt (Electronic Minimal Afro Arabic Music) interprets the sound of silence, trough a constructed combination of gentle and deep touching tones. A music which exists through a succession of variants. Better yet, it is a permanent musical continuum, which steadily evolves within the room. The Arabic/African, oriental background of Hamid Khadiris poetic and meditative music, withholds a mystic gift which makes it stand out from the still developing music of the western world. His music embraces a playful approach to a contemporary interpretation of a timeless art. Hamid khadiri accompanies his meditative and repetitive vocals with the Gnawa sintir or the Riq. Werner Hasler (Partnering artist) also moves lucidly within a dimension, one which is independent of space and time. He records various sounds, with which he creates a layered, deep-expanding landscapes of vibration with unusually expressed tones such as humming and chirping. Furthermore, the tone from his warm sounding trumpet works in perfect combination with Hamids voice and instruments. Together the form a unique contemporary musical duo, in which various traditions are represented. By Kaelan Wong

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Obergasse 11

2502 Biel/Bienne

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