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Concert, musique, karaoké

Studio Q90

MISCHGEWEBE +After Karaoké


MISCHGEWEBE + After Karaoké
Tür/Porte : 20:00

Since late 2018, Bill and Mel have played over 80 shows all over Switzerland, recorder their first album and have written and performed music for various theaters.
From energetic to trippy to tenderly melancholic - with their dark electro-pop, the duo from eastern Switzerland seduces to drift away and forget that time ist passing. Their debut album VIOLET has been released In May 2021 on the Zurich Label Lauter.

+++After Karaoké+++
After Karaoke is a form of festive fun shared between music lovers, singers and fallen singers often accompanied by alcoholic beverages just as fun as the karaoke practice.
Although karaoke is a free practice, some rules are necessary here: we do not make fun of others, we applaud at the end of the songs and we sing with all our energy.

bitte kommt avec masques, bisous!